Special Consideration Form

Special Consideration may apply to students whose performance in assessment tasks during the semester or in the final examination has been affected by compassionate /compelling circumstances.

Refer to Special Consideration Policy for details.

Minor illnesses and events which prevent a student from meeting assessment requirements may not be considered for Special Consideration.

Personal Detail


Academic Detail

Yes No
Yes No
Yes No

Please submit a separate form for each unit and each assessment task.

Reason(s) for Application and Documentation


Describe your reason(s) :

The Professional Authority Form must be completed on or before the date of the assessment task/or examination.

Checklist for Special Consideration eligibility.

  • This form is submitted no later than 2 working days from the assessment task due date.

  • I have experienced serious illness/unavoidable disruption which has affected my studies.

  • Please choose the appropriate category:

    I need an extension of time for an assessment.

    I have missed / will miss an assessment task.

    I have submitted the assessment task or attended the assessment event, however an incident has occurred which has / will seriously affect my studies.

    I have missed the final examination and am applying for a deferred exam

    I have sat the final examination however an incident has occurred which has seriously affect my performance.

  • I have provided appropriate documentation to support this application: e.g. Professional Authority Form, Statutory declarations by independent witnesses, police reports, or statements from sufficiently senior officials in the place of employment.


I believe that I meet the criteria for Special Consideration. I take full responsibility that the information provided in the application is true and correct.
I have attached the required supporting documentation.

* I have read and agree to the conditions above as well as those stated in the Special Consideration Policy.

The result of the application will be sent to the email address you provided.

Please note all supplementary final examinations and final assessments will be held during the enrolment week. Ensure that you are available during this week in the event that your request is approved.